My goal for 2022 was to get as many people as possible moving. And as I go into 2023, that goal remains the same. The reason this is so important to me is because I've seen how much physical exercise can transform people's mental health for the better and I want people to live happier lives.

We live in a world where exercising and healthy eating can't be optional, it's essential to helping us all take on the challenges, stresses and pressures of life. Exercise isn't a magic pill, but it can really help you live in a more positive mental space and that's always a good thing.

I've realised more this year than ever that everything in life feels easier when eating well, exercising regularly and getting more sleep. No matter what's going on, I choose to prioritise these things over everything else because it has such a big impact on so many areas of my life.

Exercise for me is a stress release valve and it helps me be a better husband, a better parent and a better friend. This is why I always encourage you to keep moving your body and cooking more healthy food. It really is life changing and it's not just about fat loss or looking lean.

When I'm filming workouts, creating recipes, sending out newsletters, doing events or sharing stories on Instagram, I'm always trying to help people take the first steps. How can I inspire people to try a workout? How can I motivate people to stick with it and really see results? How can I get people to enjoy cooking at home? How can I help people overcome the barriers to regular exercise and healthy eating?

If there's one thing I've learned this year, personally and from listening to and helping others, it's that in order to succeed with your health and fitness goals, we have to 'create an environment for success'. We have to remove the friction, to make exercise fit into our day, to make time for cooking, to remove as many barriers as possible so that we can achieve what we want to. If this means making your living room your gym for a 6am workout or using your lunch break to do a quick 25 minute power walk, then that's what you have to do.

You have to firstly believe you can find time for yourself then actually put it into practice and commit to it.

So looking forward, what will you do differently this year? What works and what doesn't work for you? What makes you feel good? What helps you sleep better or gives you more energy? What makes you feel less stressed and calmer around others? Can you tap into these mental health benefits more and remind yourself how much better you feel after exercise? It is ok to have a fat loss or body image goal, but it's not the thing that will really keep you motivated and consistent.

When you're thinking about your own new goals for 2023, try to avoid changing too much too quickly with unrealistic New Years resolutions. Focus on small daily wins and weekly goals to build your self confidence and a sense of achievement.

All the small things really add up, and they lead to the physical and mental transformation you want over time.

Finally, be patient. Seeing your body transform physically takes time so focus on one day at a time and don't give up if things move slowly or you hit a plateau. Let this year be different. Make your life easier. Let yourself feel happier. Change your perspective on exercise. Shift your mindset. It's a privilege to be able to move your body and it's the ultimate gift to yourself when you do.

Good luck, you've got this. This is the year you stop saying and start doing. I'll be with you again every step of the way whether it be with The Body Coach app or The Body Coach TV. Just keep turning up. Keep coming back and keep pressing play. And always remember, you never regret a workout.

Let's make 2023 our fittest and strongest year ever.

Love, Joe x

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